Pompadour Silk is a natural hair and fashion blog that was started in January 2013. Why combine hair and fashion? Well, I believe both are forms of self-expression. How you choose to wear your hair and what you choose to wear can be closely tied to how you feel. If you look fly, you'll feel fly.

There are so many natural hair blogs out there now, and a growing amount of plus size "fatshion" bloggers. I'm not trying to reinvent the wheel; instead, I just want my voice heard too! Hair and fashion are two forms of self-expression that I love, and I want to share my passion with you.

On this blog, you will find tips and lessons learned from my own natural hair journey, product reviews, and eventually, a product line of natural hair products! I'll also share current fashion trends, obsessions, and purchases. As a plus-sized girl, my fashion posts will have a plus-sized slant, however I hope that tips I provide will be helpful for everyone.

Thanks for reading!